Things to do post lockdown

  • Trim your beard
  • Get a cat
  • Go to the pub 

Things to do in lockdown

  • Stay home
  • Read a book
  • Learn to cook kale
  • Learn to hate kale
  • Grow a beard
  • Rearrange the furniture so it feels like you've moved house
  • If you are uncomfortably hot in the stifling heat of Melbourne summer and you have a portable air-conditioner in your garage that you've been meaning to plugin for the last five years you should definitely plug it in. In your house. Probably in the room where you spend most of your day trying to work online.
  • Boba makes you happy. My big kid told me that.

Sing me a song of the dawn's first light
I'll sing you a lonesome dark night
Sing to me sweetly of love's first spark
I'll sing you a broken heart

Don't Let Me Go


I write songs in my kitchen.

I am an Apple-John (Deadly? Discuss)

I play with Cate Taylor.

And Kite.

Everybody look at me!